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Creating value driven experiences for over 15 years





Creating value driven experiences for over 15 years


Net­flix is a Joke Com­e­dy Fes­ti­val
Guest Rela­tions and FOH Dept Head

New Era/MLB All Stars 2022
Staff Man­ag­er

Amex/Coachella 2022
Staff Man­ag­er

Freeform/ Sin­gle Drunk Female Pop Up Store
Staff Man­ag­er

Hard­fest x Visible
Amex x RESY Food Festival
Asos + Nord­strom Pride 2022
Hacks Pre­miere
Heineken/ LA Marathon 22
Youtube Shorts/ Vid­con
Louis Vuit­ton Cruise 2023

Netflix/ Arcane
Front of House Depart­ment Head

Heineken/ Bot­tle Rock 2021
Staff Man­ag­er

Bot­tle Rock Music Festival/ Verizon


MLB All Stars


Stranger Things Dri­ve Into Experience

Front of House Depart­ment Head

Austin City Limits/ Amer­i­can Express

Remy Mar­tin Pro­duc­er Series, Sea­son 5

A Star is Born Pre­miere, Shrine Auditorium

Panorama/ Amer­i­can Express

Pep­si at the Palladium

Bonnaroo/ LG

Vid­con / Youtube

Gov­ern­ers Ball/ Lay’s


Pan­era & Fun­ny or Die, Respect the Egg

Sony Lost in Music @ Hangar Studios


LIV: Luke Bryan

Austin City Limits

LIV: One Repub­lic x Cisco


Chase Lounge @ the Forum

Pan­do­ra Music Event in LA

KROQ Almost Christ­mas Concert

Sony VR Demo & Concert 

LIV: Imag­ine Dragons

BMF: Mr. Robot Screening

LIV: John Legend

LIV: Sales­force x U2

BMF: Coachel­la

Live Nation GRAMMY’s

BMF: Asics Event

LIV: Jager Haus

LIV: Soho House West Hol­ly­wood Event

Citi/Ray Lam­on­tagne


The Park­er Foundation

Mag­ic Mar­ket Week

Ton­gal 1st Annu­al Awards Ceremony

Chase Lounge

Aqua­fi­na / E! Healthy Bodies


Mag­ic Mar­ket Week

Elec­tric Daisy Car­ni­val, Insomniac

Chase VIP Lounge (mul­ti­ple dates)

Stan Lee’s Comikaze

Imag­ine Drag­ons Concert

Lady Gaga/ Tony Ben­net Concert

We Can Sur­vive 2015

DOHA Con­fer­ence 2015

Insomniac/ Motoro­la Tour Las Vegas EDC

Citi Con­cert: Imag­ine Dragons

Citi Con­cert: Cold­play (pri­vate audience)

Sun­glass­es Hut Gala/ Raybans

Ben Sherman/ BritWeek

SodaS­tream Activation

Chase Con­cert

Hon­da Concert

USA Tele­vi­sion Crit­ics Awards

Insomniac/ Motoro­la Tour

Noc­tur­nal Womderland

Beyond Won­der­land

Escape from Wonderland

Hard, Day of the Dead

Skype Thor Film Premiere

Audi Clean Diesel Day

Lady Gaga, Mon­ster Ball Tour

Asian Star of the Year

Cos­mo Mag­a­zine, “Bach­e­lors on the Beach

Polaroid Sun­glass­es Activation

Peet’s Cof­fee Activation

HTC One Acti­va­tion House of Blues

HP Mobile Tour Temec­u­la Bal­loon and Wine Festival

Fusion FM Radio LA Pride Parade 2013

Ben Sher­man LA Pride Parade 2013

Lion­s­gate Com­ic Con 2013

Dis­ney’s Phineas and Ferb “Waf­fle­na­tor”

HP Mobile Tour

Mag­ic Mar­ket Week 2013

Fox Sports 1

Dis­ney Doc McStuffins

USA “Mod­ern Fam­i­ly”, Fan Appre­ci­a­tion Day

Skype Con­cert Series

Thun­der­head Activation

Hewlett Packard Activation

Dream­force Con­ven­tion (San Fran­cis­co, CA)

Gold­en Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary

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